May 11, 2021 (Pre-Launch + Sponsor Outreach).

This is the pre-launch phase.

I've spoken to a few potential sponsors. Super's said yes and I'm waiting to hear back from two. Depending on how it goes I may reach out to a few more as a kind of "first round" with offers that I think will be hard for them to refuse.

Sponsors could absolutely benefit from this. I know I've already invested time, money, and my reputation on the success of the campaign (and I tell them that too). My intention is to convey how seriously I take this an their potential benefits.

My approach has been to email and Twitter dm a few founders I know who have products I use.

Super is the company that's said yes, which is great. I'll be using Super for every website I make as part of Ship 21.

The msgs I'm sending are fairly straight forward. This is the format:

  • Greetings + edification.
  • What I've been up to and why I'm reaching out.
  • How I see their company benefiting from sponsoring. Most will see it anyway.
  • My offer to promote their business through Ship 21
  • The request
  • A reminder that it's absolutely no hard feelings if it's a no from them
  • Additional ways I could see them being a part of Ship 21 (extra ideas).

The focus is more on reaching out to companies that I'm certain want what I'm offering and will benefit from it so obviously that they'll want to say yes. Coupled with an offer that's hard to refuse, my belief is that it'll work.

Aside from this I'm preparing graphics for the projects and sponsors. I'm using Figma for it because I couldn't figure out shadows in Canva.

Super agreeing is a big one for me because I use it for every project. Excited for what's next.