May 14, 2021 (Setting up Distribution)

Today I'm getting ready for the "launch" announcement. It's an email to my email list of 50 people, Twitter, and Instagram. I'm framing it in a way for people to see what's happening a week before the launch (set for May 21st).

I'm looking for a software that can help me schedule everything I need, give me solid analytics, and is easy to use. Twitter threads will be a big part of social content so the tool needs that capability. I'm considering Hypefury.

There are a few other avenues I'm also exploring.

  • Posting in private communities.
  • Seeing if sponsors will share the launch message (I'll include them as part of the message with a link back).
  • Asking a few people I know to share the message with their audiences.

I don't know anything about Product Hunt or other platforms that can help with this. Not enough to get on it right away. Taking the time to learn about them and launch there will take too long. This is the point where I know for sure it's a race against time and taking a week to figure something out (without simultaneous progress) is risky.

A few threads I've really liked and want to replicate:

All of these threads are clear, compelling, and I enjoyed reading them.

Here's what I notice about threads that resonate with me.

  • They teach me something new or validate what I knew, but clearer.
  • They're all business-related (directly or indirectly).
  • Many apply to writing well.
  • A few are universal, and make me want to steal their ideas they're so applicable to more than just business.

Starting tomorrow I will post threads to create a little hype.

  • Testing a few ideas with threads and see if they're compelling.
  • Start shouting out and promoting my sponsor(s).

And that's it. I hope it goes well. Thanks for reading.

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