May 16, 2021 (Twitter Threads)

The past couple of days I've been very focused on Twitter especially. I feel like it's probably not the best place to find my intended audience (full-time employees building a side-project). But that's ok. I don't like LinkedIn. Otherwise I'd build there.

Threads are interesting because they're highly practical, concise, sharable, and skimmable. I've purchased a $9 notion template to help me think of, write, and organize Twitter threads.

I've also discovered a product that helps me create Twitter images. They look like these:


In a way they're very well done. I think if my screenshot weren't so bad the image would have come out better.

Here's another example:


It's called BrandBird and I'd highly recommend it. I've signed up to lock in the pre-release price and if you'd like to you can learn more here:

Huge props Jim Raptis for creating this.

Why the focus on distribution?

Starting out soon, I remember thinking back to what founders had told me. The fact is that the expression "if you build it, they will come" is a big lie. It rarely (if ever) happens that way.

The distribution of work has to be prioritized. Otherwise the odds of these projects being successful is pretty low.

Sure, I could sit in a room and publish project after project, but that would be dumb. We want to be successful. We want to win. Can't do that in a room alone. Have to be out there, selling, making money, and showing people it's possible.

There's always a passion project or two that's private. I get that. This is not that. The example I'm trying to set is making useful things that are valuable enough for the creators to make decent money.

Hypefury + BrandBird and some time will bring it all together.