May 21, 2021 (Already Balancing Priorities)

To be fair, I think we're always balancing priorities in some way. But now, I find myself already stretched a little thin. Here's what I've been up to in the last week.

Project Planning for Ship 21:

So far I've confirmed 8 projects that will definitely happen, 6 maybes, and 4 that I'd like to do but may be constrained by time. The last 4 are bigger projects that may be out of the scope of this campaign. We'll see. For now, there are a few major priorities that are constantly competing with each other.


My audience right now is quite small (maybe 10k people in total). That might seem like many people, but it's not for the scope of what I want to achieve.

So how do I grow an audience?

That's really the question I'm trying to answer. I already talked about Twitter threads and Hypefury and so far it's been working. The results are coming in, albeit slower than I prefer, which I guess is the name of the game.

It's only been a couple of weeks and right now there's not much I can do about it except keep going. The slow and steady pace will eventually work out.

Brainstorming Ideas

I love doing this and wish I had more time for it. That's the thing, isn't it? Not enough time (supposedly). Brainstorming has been something I've turned into a bit of a system. I limit my hardcore thinking about projects to 20min a day. Of course, if something comes up I'll log it into Notion and then re-address the various items day-by-day.

Balancing Full-time work with side projects:

This is the hardest puzzle. I haven't cracked it yet. Frankly, I think that as more time goes on I'll eventually be forced to find my balance to hit my goals.

Right now the only thing that's taking time is lining up the projects and make sure I'm approaching this in a way that allows for repurposing and compounding benefits.

Repurposing & Compounding:

Because I'm aiming to do so many projects, it's obviously important that I make sure I don't create things that can only be used once. Put simply, if I'm spending time on it I need as many uses as possible. It's like clothing. For every dollar I spend on an item I better get at least a few uses out of it. In this case it's about time. Every hour has to be high value.

Take these journal entires: they'll most likely be applied in the future for something (one of the projects), and most likely my audio diary (an upcoming podcast project).

Progress so far:

These are the ideas I've got so far. We'll see how they pan out in the next few weeks.