May 25 (Setting Up Partner Pages)

I've been working with different partners to try and promote products I use while covering campaign costs.

With four partners coming on, I'm now looking at how to build out their pages the best.

I have landed on focusing on two major components:

  • What I use the product for
  • Why it's a good fit for me
  • Visuals

Visuals are rarely in my repertoire but I know they help make pages more engaging. The partners deserve it. Here are a few I'm working with so far.

Thanks to Brand Bird for making it easy to make these btw.


Another example:


Partners Are So Important:

Because I'm building in public, there's a natural element of pressure perform. My friends and family know about this, my friends know, and now there are companies "on the team" that I don't want to let down. This external application of pressure (albeit self-induced), is incredibly helpful.

But that's not the only reason why they're important.

Partners are key for me to contextualize what I'm doing. By reaching out and working with people who I like admire, and am inspired by, it compels me to really frame the context of the Ship campaign.

In other words: it gives this a social, team, and community dynamic. I'm not sure how many people are following my campaign right now (I should probably figure this out).

But I do know that even if it's a small handful of people, creating a community is absolutely vital.

You can see an early example of a partner page here (for Buttondown).