Everything We Need

Hyax is the product most solopreneurs dream of. It has everything we need to launch a viable internet business, at a good price point, with who has been there and done the work himself.

Jack Paxton and the team are building this competing against the biggest names in online marketing. I believe it's just a matter of time until they win.

I am using Hyax to create courses on shipping side projects, sales for agency owners, and more. It's my first time building courses and this product has been super helpful.

Let's get into it.

Nice Touches:



Hyax offers a good mix of different things we can sell in one storefront. The same online space can sell couress, memberships, digital downloads, and physical products. Saves me the trouble of having to swap between different software products to manage everything.



The product also allows for full customization of the funnel, tracks traffic, conversions, sales, and everything else you'd need.



All the key details are provided, and the further down you scroll the more detailed everything becomes. Hyax integrates with major email service providers, Stripe, and Zapier (if you use any other products).



This is probably one of the most powerful features of the platform. I think the ability to build hype for launches is key. I'm learning this the hard way right now as I launch Ship 21. But that speaks to the usefulness of this product.

The point system is especially interesting because setting up tiers and rewards makes it easier to build hype for a launch while maintaining margins. Very excited.

Course Creation:


Since I'm using Hyax to build a course I want to touch on the course builder. You can see the outline above. Everything is very simple to use. Drag & drop, embed videos, rich-text editor, images, and a clear flow that makes it easy to go from outline to actual course.

Many Extras


It all comes back to how Jack has actually been in this position and built a product he actually needed once upon a time. It fits my ethos that it's always good to sell products to a "younger version of yourself."

He's been there, done this before, and his product is created to people in a similar position have a better option. I love that product story. This is a real winner.

Wrapping Up

Growing up I'd often see Instagram ads for course products but never bought any. I always thought of it as a scam. As some time passed, I found that not all online courses are like that. Some are highly valuable.

Take Visualize Value and how the founder, (also named Jack), has built a massive following and many successful entrepreneurs with his courses. He also designed this website (the template I'm using anyway).

Now that I'm here, it's easier to see how a course as a side-project makes sense. Build it once, sell it as many times as you want, no hands-on delivery - it makes tons of sense. I'm so stoked to get into it.

Of course, I recommend Hyax.