Fast & Easy.

Super is my first choice for creating websites ever since I first got in touch with their team on Twitter. I first reached out at 7:58pm on Dec 13th, 202.


By 9:40pm I had successfully:

  • Purchased the product
  • Been fully onboarded
  • Created my first site
  • Added my custom css + updated the URLs
  • Connected my domain
  • Launched it as a test

This alone creates unbelievable value for me. That's not the only reason though (or else I would have churned by now). Here are a few more things about Super that make me love it:

  • Already use Notion for everything
  • Efficient for shipping multiple websites
  • I don't know how to code
  • Accessible price-point
  • Helpful team & community
  • It's really easy to use

Nice Touches:



The company provides an icon set I can use for everything that works well in Notion. I've used it a few times now. The thing is: they give you the svg - so you can use it anywhere. Nice perk (and you don't even have to be a paying user to access).



The guides are also very helpful. I know because I referenced a couple of them to figure how to style my sites.

Again, I'm someone who can't code who got this up and done in less than 2 hours including customizations. That was just my first site. This site you're looking at now took 10min.



This makes customer service a lot easier for them I'm sure. For me, it helps to be able to take a look at how other people are making use of Super (and how I can do the same).



I'll most likely add a site or two myself. I'm excited to build these sites and it's nice that the company provides a place to ask questions and seek feedbacks. It's otherwise hard to do that for yourself if you don't already have the audience.



I used a template for this project and it's my personal favourite thing offered by Super team. Why? Because as I explore starting so many projects, templates are a huge time saver. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised.

I came across many who took the time to build their own website from scratch. I can appreciate the appearance, but I'd rather ship a modified template, get some feedback, and then consider something custom. To each their own.

Wrapping Up:

The team is helpful, the product is great, fast, and easy. I'm so glad Super is okay with partnering with me as I try and show others how they can launch their own side projects quickly. In time, we'll all start making some money and enjoying a little more freedom from the 9-5.

Of course, I recommend Super.